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Mortgage Offset Calculator

Offset Mortgage Calculator

A home loan offset account is a transaction account linked to an eligible home or investment loan. You enjoy the benefit of a lower interest rate depending on how much money you have in this offset account. Higher the amount saved up in the account, lower will be the interest rate on your home loan. Your home loan offset calculator will help you determine your monthly repayments once you link your home loan with the offset account.

We know that choosing the right home loan is a big decision. That’s why we’ve created a home loan offset calculator to help you determine your monthly repayments once you link your home loan with the offset account.

Home loan offset calculator is an easy-to-use tool that helps you calculate the monthly repayments for your home loan. The calculator allows you to input the loan amount, term, interest rate, and repayment frequency on your home loan.

Once you enter the details, the home loan offset calculator will calculate your monthly repayments. The calculator also allows you to enter your offset balance and provides a forecast of the reduction of your loan balance.

Our home loan offset calculator also gives you an insight into interest and time saved on your home loan.

So finally, you will easily be able to see how much interest you will save by using the home loan offset calculator.

Transform Your Mortgage Payments with Our Offset Account

Reduce Your Interest and Accelerate Loan Repayment

Are you looking to reduce the interest on your home loan and pay it off faster? A home loan offset account could be the key to saving thousands over the life of your loan. By having an offset account directly linked to your home loan, the interest will be calculated on the net balance. (home loan balance minus savings held in the offset account). This means interest is calculated on the reduced balance, allowing for lower interest charges and quicker loan repayment.

Real-Life Savings Example

Consider this scenario: You have a $500,000 house loan at a 5% interest rate. If you maintain $50,000 in your offset account, interest is only calculated on $450,000. This doesn’t just mean you pay less interest, but it also helps you pay off your mortgage faster. The benefits are substantial—enjoy significant interest savings, enhanced flexibility in money management, effortless online account administration, and quicker debt reduction.

Why Choose Offset Account? offset accounts offer:

  • Significant Interest Savings: Reduce the amount of interest you pay each month.
  • Flexible Money Management: Adjust your savings and control your financial outcomes.
  • Easy Online Management: Manage your finances from anywhere at any time.
  • Faster Debt Reduction: Pay down your loan faster with less financial strain.

Take Control with Our Home Loan Offset Calculator

Are you ready to explore this exceptional financial tool? Contact Apt Mortgage experts today. Remember, not all lenders offer offset accounts and terms can vary. Use our home loan offset calculator to assess your potential savings and make an informed decision. The offset accounts provide a flexible way to manage your mortgage while growing your savings, giving you control over your financial destiny.

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