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First Home Loan

First Time Home Buyer Loans​

Buying your first home is a dream come true. Many people are unable to buy a home because they believe they are not in a position to buy, do not know where to start, or are simply daunted by the task.

So, if you are here then this is the first step to a new and precious investment in your life. Congratulations for taking the first step. We are here to arm you with relevant information and help you pick a satisfactory loan for you. We compare hundreds of loans from a wide variety of lenders and work with you to find the loan that suits your individual needs.

A first home buyer’s loan is no different than any other loan. It too consists of the same rates, values, and costs. The only difference here is that it is designed to suit home buyers who are out in the market for the first time. The name also simplifies the first-homebuyers search for useful information while making their first purchase.

At Apt Mortgages, when you are applying for your first home loan, we offer you various loan options, you can choose to deal with one of our experienced Mortgage Analysts who hold accreditation to deal with institutions on your behalf. We, at Apt Mortgages, hold accreditation with well- known lenders and banks in Australia and it is our job to match your needs with relevant lenders and get you a bargain that emulates your needs.

Apt Mortgages First Time Loan

Finding better and possible deals

For us, finding a loan for you at a better price means more than just securing a better interest rate. It also involves comparing many other factors like establishment and exit fees, loan term, ongoing charges, and anything else found in lending policies, all correctly tailored for you.

Pre-Approvals (AIPs)

A loan pre-approval (Approval in Principal) allows you to get a prior approval from a bank or a lender who would check your creditworthiness for a loan and accordingly grant you an assurance to provide you with a loan once you decide on the property and submit a complete application.
Getting a pre-approval can help you remain stress-free. Taking a pre-approval is helpful when you are not sure what amount of loan the bank will allow you to take. This in turns determines the value of the house you can afford to buy. Pre-approvals prove to be great tools for bargaining when thinking of buying a house, keeping you prepared for purchase, especially if there is a competing bid.

Negotiate Low Mortgage Rate

We may be able to negotiate an even lower rate.

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