A step-by-step guide to Stamp Duty in Australia 

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp duty is charged by the Australian government when you purchase property in Australia. Regardless of the state you live in, stamp duty applies. This step-by-step guide provides a clear overview of stamp duty, how much it costs, and almost everything you should know about it in Australia.

What is Stamp Duty

Are you the one who is looking to buy a property? Then you may probably hear about stamp duty.
Stamp duty is a tax of not less than one percent that is paid by the purchaser of a property in Australia at settlement (the signing over of the property from the seller to the buyer) unless the transaction is through a financial institution, i.e., banks, building societies, and credit unions. You should not confuse Stamp Duty with a land tax or transfer duty.

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How much does Stamp Duty cost in Australia?

The actual stamp duty amount depends on the

  • State or territory you live in
  • The price of the property you’re buying
  • If you are entitled to any exemptions

State or territory you live in

Each Australian state decides stamp duty. All states and territories have different rates, price brackets, and exemptions.

How much is the house you’re buying?

The price of your purchased property is an essential factor in your stamp duty calculation. Each Australian state and territory has brackets as per house prices. They determine how much you need to pay the stamp duty.

Are you entitled to any exemptions?

First home buyers and pensioners don’t have to pay any stamp duty on homes in some Australian states. In certain circumstances, you can get fewer stamp duty rates also.
In the pandemic situation, the Victorian government offered up to 50% off stamp duty on homes for a limited time and amount. Our experts advise you always to check your state exemptions and check if you qualify for a stamp duty concession.

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When do you have to pay Stamp Duty?

Here is the timeframe in which you need to pay stamp duty in Australia.

  • New Zealand – Within three months of signing a contract for sale or transfer.
  • Queensland – Within 30 days of property settlement.
  • Victoria – Within 30 days of property settlement of your new purchase.
  • Australian Capital Territory – After settlement and within 14 days after receiving a Notice of Assessment
  • Tasmania – Within three months of the transfer of the property
  • Northern Territory – Within 60 days of property settlement
  • South Australia – At the time of settlement
  • Western Australia– One month after a duties assessment notice is issued.

Calculate your Stamp Duty

If you’re buying a property, a buy-to-let, or simply moving home, our stamp duty calculator is the first place to start when it comes to calculating exactly how much this tax will cost you.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Final Note

If you would like to learn more about Stamp Duty or if you wish to get property loan advice, talk with a qualified Australian Mortgage expert today. Contact us today and speak to one of our registered Australian Mortgage Brokers.

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